Sunsurfer is a private limited company (Number 10343168).  An Arts and Education consultancy established in 2004 specialising in company and community training, Disability arts, Deaf arts and Community arts.  I – Michael Fellowes – am the Director and owner of the Company. Training and projects are delivered by skilled Sunsurfer Training and Project management Associates and myself.

Our specialities are: –

  1. Training

  2. Arts Project creation, development and delivery

  3. Audience development

All our work shows that we are passionate about inclusion.  About confident happy people leading their confident and happy lives.


We are committed to equality in society for disabled and deaf people. A key tool to promote a more equal society is training for everyone so we do not explicitly or implicitly discriminate.

We work with public and private sector organisations such as Housing Associations, local and national government, rail companies and arts organisations, introducing three key issues: –

  • The Social Model of Disability
  • The Equality Act 2010
  • Cultural Diversity and Equality training

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Stage set for The Boy Who Grew Flowers

Stage set for The Boy Who Grew Flowers


How do we build a community of disabled and deaf people in the arts?  How do we create an audience for Disability and Deaf arts and how do we bring along a new generation of artists and creators?

This is what Audience Development does.  Not passively trying to sell more tickets but actively encouraging disabled and deaf people to participate in the arts.

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Arts Projects

Sunsurfer believes imagination, creativity, and a community of arts and culture leads to a fulfilling life for everyone. Imagination and creativity is for everyone.  Not just for trained and professional artists, writers and performers.

Deaf and disabled people are frequently excluded.  This is where community arts projects can make a difference using visual arts, creative writing or performance arts to facilitate the participant and the group’s creativity and celebrate the creativity of disabled and deaf people.
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Out of the Box 2008

Out of the Box 2008


We are fully insured with Public liability and Professional indemnity insurance.

Last updated: 21/09/2016